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Warm Start - for families with children


About the sheme

Warm Start Essex is a service provided by the Citizens Advice service in Essex and funded by the Energy Redress Scheme. It has been set up specifically to support people with dependent children, as it is known that being brought up in a cold home often means children experience poorer outcomes at school and resultingly, fewer opportunities in later life. It provides holistic energy advice to support people who are struggling with their energy bills. Specialist energy advisers, provide detailed, in depth guidance on all of the other schemes described in this website, plus support their clients to maximise their income, deal with energy and other debt problems, apply for grants, deal with problems with energy suppliers and help people switch suppliers. In addition, through actual and "virtual home visits", advisers can give practical advice around the house, to ensure that clients can cut their bills.

Am I eligible?

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills and have dependent children living in your home, you are likely to be eligible for help from our team of energy advisors.

How to Apply

You can apply by via the methods below or you can submit an application online using our form.


To express your interest in the scheme complete the form or call us on 0300 3033 789.

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