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If you are part of the Uttlesford area, then you’ll want to look out for support labelled as "Uttlesford". Funding options marked as such are exclusively available to residents in your area.

If you are unsure which district or borough you belong to, you can use the council finder on gov.uk or consult the map below:

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There are a number of government approved schemes available. You can apply to as many as you want.
You can read about schemes offered in your area under Funding and Support.

Here are schemes exclusively available in your area:


Warm Homes Essex is a general service provided by the Citizens Advice service in Essex. It provides holistic energy advice to support people who are struggling with their energy bills. As well as providing guidance on all of the other schemes described in this website, Citizens Advice can also help maximise income, apply for grants, deal with problems with energy suppliers and help people switch suppliers. This scheme can specifically help people who require first time central heating setup

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