Energy Saving Tips

Things you can do today to save energy and money

  1. How to get a thermostat

    Learn about types of heating controls to find the best option for you: Heating controls - Energy Saving Trust

    If you've already got one, turn it down

    Generally, anywhere between 18-21°C is comfortable. Turning down by even 1°C can save you up to 10% off your heating bill.

    If there is someone in your home who's older, a young child, unwell or vulnerable it's recommended to set it higher, up to 23°C.

    Turning a Thermostat up will not heat your home any quicker and can waste energy. Make sure to wait for the heating to do its job and get the temperature up to the number you've set.

    Individual radiators

    Set them at 3-4 in rooms you use. Lower this number for rooms you use less. Turn them down if you get too hot.

Ways to save energy long term

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