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Virtual Home Visits to Help Lower Energy Bills

Warm Homes

Citizens Advice Essex, Friday, August 19th 2022

  • Save money on bills

Citizens Advice in Essex is now providing "virtual home visits" to support people struggling with their energy bills.

During the virtual home visit, which takes around 20 – 30 minutes, specialist energy advisers are able to walk through with the client some of the main ways in which they can reduce energy consumption by touring the person's home with them via smartphone or tablet.

"The average home can save £375 through the cumulative effect of a range of small changes – some of which are easy to explain to someone in an office or over the phone – others, though, might require a demonstration. Making effective use of your boiler's heating controls is one example. This is one element of the intensive support we have available for the people who are struggling the most." - Martin Lord, Director Citizens Advice Essex

Citizens Advice Essex runs several projects to help households in “fuel poverty” – a term meaning households who cannot afford heat their home properly. With so many energy companies going bust, the tactic of switching supplier to get a better deal is no longer possible. Instead, energy advisors are focusing on ways to save energy by changing behaviour, applying for grants to improve housing infrastructure, and maximising people’s income.

If you are struggling with your energy bills, you can contact the Citizens Advice services' various fuel poverty alleviation support projects through its "Warm Homes Essex" service on or by calling 0300 3033 789. Warm Homes Essex is a joint initiative between Citizens Advice and Essex County Council.

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