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Climate advice packs for Residents, Schools and Businesses

Energy Saving

Essex County Council, Friday, August 19th 2022

  • Healthy living
  • Save money on bills
  • Financial support
  • Reduce carbon
  • Get funding
  • Home improvement

Reducing our carbon footprint is a challenge for us all - and it can often feel overwhelming. We have developed three Climate Action Advice Packs (for Residents, Businesses and Schools) offering a variety of cost-effective, achievable and advantageous solutions and ideas, relevant to different audiences.

I am a resident. - a range of key advice, tips and information to help us all cut our carbon, to reduce our impact on the planet and help us and the next generation have a better future.

I am a school- a collection of key guidance, tips and information to help your school cut your carbon, to reduce your impact on the environment and to help us improve long-term sustainability across Essex.

I am a business- specifically developed to help small and medium-sized businesses across Essex access the most relevant information in relation to climate change and sustainability, with tips and ideas throughout to help your business to thrive whilst keeping its impact on the environment low.

Getting to net zero will be a collective effort from residents, businesses and organisations throughout the county. These three advice packs will help us all along the way!

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